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What If the AppleTV became a DVR to spite NBC

There has been long standing rumor and speculation that Apple would turn the AppleTV into a DVR. At the time, that never made sense to me…it would do nothing but infuriate the networks that Apple is hoping to keep appeased.

However, with Universal’s continued antagonism towards Apple and vice versa, it’s not going to be long before SOMEONE has to give. Steve Jobs has never been very good at that.

If NBC does jump ship, I think it’s safe to say that sales of other shows will be affected as well, because once people get used to going to Bittorrent (and I do firmly believe that people will be driven to Bittorrent before they are driven to or any other asinine service NBC can dream up), they’re going to keep using it. I don’t think everyone will abandon iTunes by any means, but I think Apple can expect a huge sales loss in the video department of the iTunes store without NBC.

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September 5, 2007 - Posted by | apple, tv

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