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iPod Touch shipped without OS X

touchWhat your looking at is a brand new iPod Touch that was shipped without the OS, just a diagnostic utility. Gotta love the serial number icon (thats a good one Apple) but you can also tell that there is a bluetooth icon, now Apple said in past reports that the Touch does not have bluetooth. Now this are my 2 theories 1)This is the same diagnostic utility that’s included in the iPhone and they were too lazy to take out the bluetooth icon, or  2) There really is bluetooth in the Touch that can be activated via firmware upgrade.Who knows until Stevie shine us some light.Original story


September 14, 2007 - Posted by | apple, funny, ipod, random

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  1. Hi everyone, I am the biggest Apple fan in the world. I have trusted Apple all my life, and I do believe that some conspiracies exist, Apple has proved to us time and time again that thy are the best, and that they are ahead of the game in computing techologies, but in the past few months I’ve been looking into their secrets, like any company has, Apple is no different. From Steve Jobs being apparently ill, let us no forget that he was diagnosed with cancer a little while back, to this iPod Touch and iPhone ordeal. Yes, I do believe that they are hiding things, important things, things that would run them out of buisness. And do you know what? I believe that Steve Jobs has no idea that people from his own company are trying to get him to step down as CEO. Just you guys watch, I believe that I’m right. Steve Jobs is the innocent one here folks. He is my hero and idol. I hate to watch him get screwed by his own employees. (NO NOT LITERALLY!!!) I think that they are trying to get him to step down, by ruining his good name. Also AM I THE ONLY ONE THAT HAS NOTICED THAT IN THE PICTURE THERE IS ALSO AN ICON FOR “SPEAKER” WHAT THE HELL IS THAT AOUT PEOPLE??? People, I really don’t want my predictions and suspicions to come true.

    Comment by Alan | November 3, 2007 | Reply

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