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iPhone v1.1.1 Feature Breakdown


  1. Now Playing controls throughout. I’ve complained about this before and thankfully, it’s on the way.
  2. Double clicking home screen goes to “Favorites” or “iPod”
  3. iTunes Wifi Store. No surprise there. It’s already running on the Touch.
  4. Additional iPod features: Closed captioning and support for video out.
  5. New Calculator icon on the home screen. Hmmm, okay.
  6. Multiple, international keyboards.
  7. Network setup with VPN support and disabling EDGE while roaming. Goodbye $3,000 international roaming bills.
  8. Mysterious “Carrier” menu. My personal hope would be support for other carrier’s SIMs internationally within the iPhone family. For example, I travel to England and can insert an O2 SIM.

Speculation as to when this will be released is rampant but I think we all hope sooner rather than later.

 The Touch’s manual shows an option for “.” Shortcut whereby double-tapping the space bar enters a period followed a space. This one is right out of the Blackberry‘s playbook and presume it will also be in 1.1.1.

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September 19, 2007 - Posted by | apple, at&t, cellphones, iphone

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