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Apple’s Mac Sales Are Surging

New iMacs now have a slimmer design in aluminum casings. Even with faster chips and glossy screens, they are up to $300 cheaper then their predecessors.

“While it’s a “beautiful and breakthrough” product, as Wall Street Journal columnist Walt Mossberg wrote in his influential review of the touch-screened smart phone, it simply isn’t worth its initial $599 price tag—a fact that Apple CEO Steve Jobs all but admitted earlier this month.


“This is life in the technology lane,” Jobs said of his decision to slash the iPhone’s price by $200.

You might have thought such capitulation would send shivers down Apple investors’ spines. Indeed, after it had surged to a record high of $146 a share in July, rumors that the iPhone wasn’t selling like hotcakes sent the stock down by nearly 10 percent after Apple’s price-cut announcement. (It was off by twice as much during the stock market’s mid-August swoon.)”

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September 27, 2007 - Posted by | apple, news

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