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Out Of A Coma, Into The Apple Store

“Geoff Evila miraculously recovered from a four month coma after a near fatal car accident that took place in early June this year during a road trip to Las Vegas. Weeks after his amazing recovery Evila learned that the iPhone had been launched to overwhelming success. Before his accident Geoff had planned to camp out in line for his very own iPhone, but without any warning everything suddenly went black. Geoff realized that he had some catching up to do as he began to put the pieces of his life back together. Geoff’s closest friend Steve Denots asked the local Apple Store in Chandler, Arizona to create a huge scene for Geoff Evila when he arrived last week to purchase his iPhone, similar to the high energy scene that took place on June 29 when the iPhone was released. Denots told the Apple Store staff Geoff’s harrowing story of recovery and carefully designed the event to be a surprise for Evila. “I was so psyched that the store agreed to play along,” said Denots “Geoff was blown away, he limped through the store holding up his iPhone proud as can be while everyone cheered him on. I had the old Geoff back except now with a better phone, his last Verizon phone sucked.”

Though Geoff Evila is recovering brilliantly, Denots did not have the courage to inform his best friend that the Apple Store scene was a set up. “Geoff believes it’s real, so that makes it real,” said Denots “I’m just glad to have him back alive and well.” Denots told The iPhone Savior that Geoff is enjoying his new phone despite his struggle with small motor movement which represents the final hurdle in Evila’s recovery. For Geoff Evila, life has become a whole lot better waking up to the iPhone. You would have to be in a coma to believe otherwise.”

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October 21, 2007 - Posted by | apple, iphone

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