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Happy Sixth Birthday, iPod

“It’s hard to believe that six years ago to this very day, the iPod was officially brought into the world at a Steve Jobs Special Event. In six years, we’ve seen 1,000 songs in your pocket become ever more affordable, and as hard-disk technology has progressed, so too has the number of songs an iPod can hold”

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iPod Deathclock

Find out when your ipod is gonna go caput, according to this website………

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iPhone features you’ll miss out on by buying an iPod touch

  • EDGE network
  • Mail application
  • Safari link sharing
  • Adding items to calendar
  • Notes
  • Bluetooth
  • Screen quality
  • Rear surface
  • External volume buttons
  • Built-in speakers
  • Included dock
  • Camera
  • Maps, Weather, Stocks

The point of all this

None of this is to say that you shouldn’t buy the iPod touch. In fact, based on my early testing, I’d have to say that the iPod touch is by far the most amazing product to ever bear the “iPod” brand name. But be forewarned that the iPod touch is not necessarily the mythical “iPhone without a phone” that some users have been looking for. Instead, think of it as an “iPhone lite without the phone.” If the iPod touch suits your needs, then don’t let any of the above stop you. But with as much as has been arbitrarily removed from the iPod touch, it sure looks like Apple still wants you to buy the iPhone, and then only wants you to consider the iPod touch if you’ve already ruled the iPhone out.
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My iPod Touch is part iPhone?

“Apparently apple takes the time to remove functional code like allowing you to input calendar events but doesn’t bother to change the “iPhone is disabled” text shown when you lock your iPod and fail to type in the right password.”

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iPhone screen slightly better than iPod Touch screen

“The iPhone and iPod Touch are presumed to have the same screen quality. But they don’t, according to some testing and reader feedback we did today. The iPod Touch’s screen turns black areas somewhat greyish, washed out shadow detail, with absolute blacks appearing shimmery”

Original story(More pix and a video)

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iPod Touch shipped without OS X

touchWhat your looking at is a brand new iPod Touch that was shipped without the OS, just a diagnostic utility. Gotta love the serial number icon (thats a good one Apple) but you can also tell that there is a bluetooth icon, now Apple said in past reports that the Touch does not have bluetooth. Now this are my 2 theories 1)This is the same diagnostic utility that’s included in the iPhone and they were too lazy to take out the bluetooth icon, or  2) There really is bluetooth in the Touch that can be activated via firmware upgrade.Who knows until Stevie shine us some light.Original story

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iPod Touch is out!!!!!


Apple surprised us with the release of the Touch today.

Head on over to for unboxing pix

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More iPods guts pix


The first photos taken of the tear down of Apple’s new third-generation iPod nano and sixth-generation iPod classic by are in, revealing extensive use of adhesive inside the nano and a new support plate behind the classic’s noticeably thinner more | digg story

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iFixit takes nano and classic apart


iFixit got motherboard-deep into the new Nano and Classic versions. And this is what they found out……
Classic, Nano

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The new iPod classic


“And to round out the day’s hardware hands-ons we wrapped our mitts around the new iPod classic. It’s thin, it’s solid, but it’s still hard drive based, which for our flash-loving selves will always be kind of a bummer. But if you’re the type that carries around 80 (or 160 friggin gigs) of media and you like to use iPods, this is the new king of the hill. (Photographed is the 80GB model, not the thicker 160GB iPod.) Unfortunately, tasks like Cover Flow ran about as smoothly as on the nano, so if you’re expecting a fully iPhone-like experience, don’t get your hopes up.”

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Update: iLounge’s video of the new iPod interface….

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The new iPod nano


“Ok, we know we’ve been calling it the fatty, but we’ll be straight up with you guys: the third gen iPod nano is friggin’ tiny. It’s maybe not the most beautifully proportioned iPod we’ve ever seen, but its tapered edges and ridiculously thin frame make up for the squatness going on here.”

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Update: Video of the new interface of the iPod nano (

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The new iPod Touch


“Here she is, the iPod touch! It’s definitely thinner than the iPhone, and feels completely solid. The home button is far smaller, the face is completely flat, and generally the whole thing feels far more angular than the iPhone — but it’s all familiar territory. We were kind of hoping the touch would have a matte rear screen, but that just isn’t the case, it’s all chrome.”

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Update: iLounge has a video of the iPod Touch interface, enjoy……

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