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Vietnam Says Buh-bye to Microsoft Office, Chooses

More than 20,000 computers from Party offices nationwide will switch to using OpenOffice instead of Microsoft Office from early 2008. Thailand did this recently as well

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Palm Kills Foleo

“We are seriously not going to take credit for this, but holy crap, Palm just cancelled the Foleo, just like we asked them to! Palm CEO Ed Colligan just posted a message to the company’s official blog stating that they’ve decided to cancel the Foleo mobile companion “in its current configuration” in order to “focus all of our energies on delivering out next generation platform and the first smartphones that will bring this platform to market.” In a way we’re sort of disappointed that we’ll never at least get to play with one and put it through its paces, but it’s definitely the right move — Palm needs to focus on one thing right now, and that’s coming out with a category-killing smartphone. Not that they’re giving up on the idea for good; Ed says that they’ll do a “Foleo II” based on the new mobile platform they’re already developing for their next generation of smartphones.”

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33 German Universities Migrate to Suse Linux

The coveted university computer platform in many German Universities has be changed to Suse Linux and Open Source Software.

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