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Stuff we can’t have: Sony announces the PSP Deep Red

“Sony announced Deep Red… The PSP ! Yep, you are right, here you are, a new color available for the PSP from SONY, and which will be sold later this December in Japan, offered with a nice package of accessories.”

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40GB PS3 is official!!!

 “It was bound to happen: the 40 GB Playstation 3 recently announced for Europe and Japan will arrive to the US in November 2 with a $400 price tag. The 80GB model will get a price cut too, going from $600 to $500. Both versions are still more expensive than its Microsoft and Nintendo rivals.”

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Is it real or is it Gran Turismo 5???


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Latest figures show Wii dominating PS3 in Japanese sales

“Shortly after hearing that Sony’s PSP overtook Nintendo’s DS in Japanese sales, along comes word that the Big N is still king in the Wii / PS3 / Xbox 360 sales war. According to reports that looked at movement from April through September, the Wii outsold the PlayStation 3 “by more than four to one in Japan,” which is admittedly better than the “six to one” differential it’s faced before. Reportedly, Nintendo moved nearly 1.6 million units in the homeland while Sony garnered just over 385,000 new PS3 customers in the same period, but this really shouldn’t be shocking to anyone at this point.”

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