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PS3 sales getting better

A new report from Game News identifies some pretty staggering sales numbers for the Playstation 3 over the past year. Black Friday was particularly kind to the Sony console, with sales up 245 percent over the same time last year. That’s great news for Sony’s sales department, but it’s just a small piece of a larger picture of victory. The company has seen unit sales increase by 178 percent, and overall sales $’s increase by 154 percent over the course of the past week, entering the holiday season with bang. This is due, in large part, to the recent price drop for the 80GB model, combined with the introduction of the 40GB model.

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Nintendo Sells Over 650,000 Wii’s in Two Weeks

“Earlier today, Nintendo revealed that they have sold more Wii’s in the last two weeks than in any week since the systems initial launch last November.

Nintendo has reportedly sold over 350,000 Wii’s last week, during the Thanksgiving holiday, whereas they moved over 300,000 the week prior. The last time sales were this high in a two week time frame was when the system launched and sold over 600,000 units in its first eight days of release.

“I couldn’t find a single Wii system on the shelves – literally as I was walking into a Wal-Mart at 11 a.m., someone was walking out with the last one,” stated Fils-Aime. “Consumers are buying every game we can put into the system.”

Earlier this year, Nintendo predicted that they would sell 17.5 million Wii’s before the end of the fiscal year, which ends on March 31. Currently, Nintendo is manufacturing 1.8 million Wii’s a month to reach demand worldwide.”

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Happy Birthday Wii!!!!!!!!


One year ago today this magical little console came out, it sucks you still cant find it though, but anyways happy one year Wii!!!

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Nintendo only making 1.8 million Wiis a month

…..George Harrison stated that it was “still expecting some shortages in December,” but noted that the Big N wouldn’t be “pulling back on its marketing.” Potentially more interesting is Mr. Harrison’s assertion that the firm is currently producing some 1.8 million Wiis per month, and it’s having to make decisions of where to send shipments to “nearly every week.” ‘Course, the chat couldn’t end without some reference to the rivals, and the exec concluded by proclaiming that Nintendo “doesn’t focus a lot on the competition,” as “its performance seems to be independent of those two.”

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Stuff we can’t have: Sony announces the PSP Deep Red

“Sony announced Deep Red… The PSP ! Yep, you are right, here you are, a new color available for the PSP from SONY, and which will be sold later this December in Japan, offered with a nice package of accessories.”

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40GB PS3 is official!!!

 “It was bound to happen: the 40 GB Playstation 3 recently announced for Europe and Japan will arrive to the US in November 2 with a $400 price tag. The 80GB model will get a price cut too, going from $600 to $500. Both versions are still more expensive than its Microsoft and Nintendo rivals.”

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The 198.28Mb Capacity Floppy Disc Mario


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Is it real or is it Gran Turismo 5???


Take the quiz here

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Latest figures show Wii dominating PS3 in Japanese sales

“Shortly after hearing that Sony’s PSP overtook Nintendo’s DS in Japanese sales, along comes word that the Big N is still king in the Wii / PS3 / Xbox 360 sales war. According to reports that looked at movement from April through September, the Wii outsold the PlayStation 3 “by more than four to one in Japan,” which is admittedly better than the “six to one” differential it’s faced before. Reportedly, Nintendo moved nearly 1.6 million units in the homeland while Sony garnered just over 385,000 new PS3 customers in the same period, but this really shouldn’t be shocking to anyone at this point.”

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Nintendo Giving Away Anti-Slip Remote Jacket

Nintendo tonight announced that they will be giving away free silicone covers for their Wii Remotes starting Oct. 15. The Wii Remote Jacket will also begin shipping with all Wiis, remotes sold separately and packs of Wii Play which include the remote.

The Wii Remote Jacket provides “cushioning for the Wii Remote for people who might accidentally throw or drop their Wii Remotes while playing games,” according to the Nintendo press release.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve our products and make sure everyone has a safe and fun experience,” says George Harrison, Nintendo of America’s senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. “Many electronics manufacturers provide similar protective covers for products like cell phones, PDAs and MP3 players.”

Current Wii owners can get their free Remote Jacket by either hitting up, or calling 866-431-8367. The company plans to start taking orders on Oct. 2 and shipping the product out on Oct. 15

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DS sales top 50 million

“In just 3 years, Nintendo has sold more than 50 million DS units. Sure, that number includes two iterations of the portable—both the original fatty version and the updated light—but we offer the same sales flexibility to other consumer electronics, like iPods and PS2s.

Given that Nintendo took 11 years to move over 100 million GameBoys, the DS is on track to become the most successful portable gaming system of all time, even if the new PSP Slim out sold the DS last week in Japan.”

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Happy 30th Birthday Atari!!!

The first 2600 units rolled off the assembly line in October of 1977, delighting both children and kids at heart with games like Pitfall and Pole Position….

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