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Hey guys, my name’s Mauro. I just thought I would give everyone a little info about me. I originally decided to make this blog for my girlfriend. I always like to show her interesting stuff I find online, but it gets pretty hard to try to remember it later on to tell her. So I started it for that reason, but soon became pretty involved in it and was glad to be able to post tech news online for anyone to check out. I’m really into technology and I read a handful of technology sites everyday, mainly Engadget, Digg, and Gizmodo. So I thought, why not compile them all together into a blog. As I’m sure you have also noticed, many of my other posts are random or amusing things that catch my eye. They cover different topics, everything from cars to important global news. I hope you guys enjoy my blog, if you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at


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