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MIT’s Stackable City Car

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 Meant to work more like a car sharing service than that of a personal vehicle, MIT hopes to change the way that we think about personal transportation. Stacks of vehicles could be placed throughout the city to create a small network that is linked to the existing mass transportation systems within the city.

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Blog Action Day: Water-Powered Hydrogen Micro Fuel Cell on the Way

“The phrase “hydrogen fuel cell” seems to make about half of all TreeHuggers salivate with anticipation and the other half roll their eyes in pipe-dreamed disgust. This story has a little something for both sides: Samsung has announced that they have a micro fuel cell capable of powering cell phones for 10 hours with nothing more than a shot of water.”

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Incredible green roof

“Designed by architects emilio ambasz & associates, the acros fukuoka building in fukuoka city, japan houses a number of offices, retail space, a 2′000 seat theatre and a museum.

it was built on the last available green space in the city so the design needed to keep as much of that greenery as possible whilst still delivering a building big enough to hold the necessary facilities.”

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Top 10 Sexiest Green Cars

Green cars are officially sexy. No longer are they small, ugly, plodding electric commuters – they’re speedy, exciting, desirable sports cars. Inhabitat has compliled a list of the 5 sexiest models, which makes for an interesting read.

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The 10 Fastest Green Cars on the Planet


10 cars — funky, fun and each the fastest for its power source, from an American-built ethanol-fueled roadster that runs like the wind, to a three-seat urban buggy from France that runs on the wind.
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Arctic sea ice shrinks to record low

There was less sea ice in the Arctic on Friday than ever before on record, and the melting is continuing, the National Snow and Ice Data Center reported.

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Portland’s solar storage facility


It’s 22 stories tall and 175,000 square feet of integrated solar panels….


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